Christmas in August


The last few years, we've done Christmas pretty big. At least I'm assuming it's been big, given that I have no previous basis of comparison. Granted, it's mostly been buying stuff we needed, or at least really, really wanted, but we've still spent waymoremoneythanIwanttotellyou. This year, in planning for the Holy Days, we're re-evaluating. We have pretty much everything that we need - looking at those around us, in other parts of the world and closer to home, we truly do have an abundance. So we've decided to make it a little simpler this year. We're still doing one store-bought gift … [Read more...]

slowly but surely…

I made two of these.

I *am* making progress on my Christmas knitting list! So far: hat for a friend's son hat for my boss's wife hat for Andrea's daughter moose for my friend's youngest The most crucial coming up next: a moose that was supposed to ship out last Sat. (ooops! Working on that this weekend.) finish the pair of socks before my son's birthday Monday (only 30 more rows to go!) fish hat for my son's friend's birthday the day after Thanksgiving and I had this idea last night for a knit bracelet that really, really wants to be made. And somewhere in there I'm doing a cookout in the woods … [Read more...]