So much to do…

Currently in the finishing stages:

  • This *adorable* moose from JellyBums (making it for The Boy, because he was highly insulted at the thought of anyone else but him getting the “first moose”)
  • A scarf for my friend that should have been finished last year, and only needs a little more beaded fringe to be complete. (Silk, Merino wool, and Louisa Harding ribbon. Very pretty, if I do say so who shouldn’t.)

Currently on the needles:

  • an alpaca hat (local alpaca farm)
  • a rainbow hat (Encore Colorspun)
  • a mate to the sock I made for The Husband

About to cast on:

  • Not one, but two Jayne hats (one for my brother, one for a friend.)
  • another moose (making it out of Cascade 220 and size 3 needles, so it will be big enough – plan to stuff it with wool roving, and either swap it online or else stash it for the next baby shower. I have several preggo friends, so it’s not like it will be homeless long!)

In the “As soon as the yarn for it gets here” pile:

  • In the “As soon as I can manage to make room for it” pile:
  • These socks for me
  • another pair of socks for The Boy

There’s more, but I’m trying to list it out and tackle it in manageable increments. Yes, this seems like a lot. No, I wouldn’t do this for money because it wouldn’t be worth it. I can’t *not* have my hands busy…if I’m not working/typing I have to have something going on. It calms me, slows me down, even as it challenges me to learn new skills.

A word about comments…

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