Christmas in August

The last few years, we’ve done Christmas pretty big. At least I’m assuming it’s been big, given that I have no previous basis of comparison. Granted, it’s mostly been buying stuff we needed, or at least really, really wanted, but we’ve still spent waymoremoneythanIwanttotellyou.

This year, in planning for the Holy Days, we’re re-evaluating. We have pretty much everything that we need – looking at those around us, in other parts of the world and closer to home, we truly do have an abundance. So we’ve decided to make it a little simpler this year.

We’re still doing one store-bought gift apiece (don’t tell The Boy, but he’s getting a laptop and his own private Minecraft server.) The rest? No limit on the amount of gifts, but they have to be either handmade, or components for handmade.

This means I’m doing a LOT of knitting. I mean, a lot compared to my normal copious amounts of knitting, which is a *lot*. Trust me on that!
I’m also going to be teaching some knitting classes at one of my favorite LYS’s this fall, helping other people add some handknits to their Hannukah/Christmas season.

Without further ado, I present to you…Christmas in August :-) My first ever knitting pattern, a pair of miniature socks designed for the Toe-Up, Two-at-a-Time class I will be teaching…and my first finished contribution to our hand-made Christmas.

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I’m not placing any restrictions on this pattern, other than the good karma one of “please don’t claim you made it up, ‘k? Because that wouldn’t be nice.” Linking back to the source when you can is appreciated.
If you make items from this and can sell them to bring in a little cash, more power to you 😉 In this economy, every little bit helps!
If you’re a store owner, by all means use the pattern to sell sock yarn – I want all LYS to stay in business!

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  • Linda

    I have just learnt this method of knitting socks using Melissa Morgan-Oakes book”Toe-up 2-at-a Time Socks”. This was just in time to be asked to teach it at our local knitting retreat. I was worried about how I was going to teach this method from start to finish following a regular sized pattern……. You have come to my rescue!!!!! Thank-you so very much, I am using your pattern “Christmas in August” to teach the method from start to finish and they’ll still have time left over to start a regular size pair of socks. Again, Thank-you.


    • Rebecca Diamond

      I’d love to see your student’s work when you’ve taught the class – that’s actually exactly why I designed it! I faced the same dilemma of needing to teach the technique in a reasonable class time.

      I’m working on a fancier cabled version now…