Tookie’s Dirty Rice


I ¬†had a craving today for my Gram's Dirty Rice - I don't know why I don't make it more! It's simple, quick, cheap, easy...and it tastes a little like all the love my Gram would pour into it while she cooked. it is! … [Read more...]

Magellan’s – You’re Doing it Wrong


Magellan's - Your Trusted Source of Travel Supplies¬†is the logo. It's emblazoned across every Google result. It's stamped reassuringly across the repeated catalogs I receive from them, after ordering travel masks a couple of years ago. I have asthma. Specifically, cigarette-smoke-induced asthma, although exposure to dust and mold can sometimes trigger it. Cigarettes are the trigger I worry about, though - I live in a clean home, the places I travel aren't dusty or moldy, but cigarettes are pervasive. After several terrible travel experiences, including a 2 hour episode in an ambulance at … [Read more...]

He’s a spoiled brat – and I’m proud of it!


Yes, I'm talking about my almost 9 year old son here - the one who walked into a hospital room to visit a sick family member, only to have another person in the room comment on his shoes. "Look at those fancy shoes! You must be a spoiled brat for your Mom to buy those for you," Anonymous Rude Person said with a pointed glance at me. Since ARP is the type to toss out remarks like that quite frequently, and seems to enjoy any heated response, I just smiled and answered, "He has the next size up waiting for him at home, too! Since I scored Lego tennis shoes for under $5 a pair, I figured … [Read more...]

15 Years, and Counting…


Fifteen years. That's how long it's been since I was standing at the back of a hot, crowded church in a long white gown, taking as deep a breath as I could get into my lungs, listening to Kenny G playing as my maid of honor and my bridesmaid took carefully measured steps down the aisle. I stood there, barely aware of my hand on my dad's arm, surveying the masses of people - the church we were married in would only let us use the facility if we issued an open invitation to the entire congregation. So I faced a crowd of over 500, instead of the more intimate group of 200 or so that I … [Read more...]

Speaking of allergies…


That's what I found myself doing this weekend. I took my father-in-law and my son out to cruise yard sales (found: 4 dinos for my son's next video blog series, only 40 cents!) and then out to lunch. There's one restaurant we go to around here - since we don't live in a metro area we are very, very limited to restaurant choices. To give you an idea, the fanciest one within 100 miles of me is a Ruby Tuesdays! There's this one small in-state chain restaurant that can, most of the time, handle the dietary needs of me and my son. After the one time they didn't - when my husband took our son … [Read more...]