In which I make some dill pickles…


First of all, the WHY of making pickles... I realize that pickles are available in plentiful quantities in the grocery store. I realize that pickles are available in everything from cheaply made with the nastiest ingredients, to gourmet pickles with all-natural ingredients. And I know this because for years now, absolutely years, ever since the allergist at the hospital said "hmmm, look how this garlic patch is flaring" and diagnosed the reason behind my then-frequent migraines....since that moment, pickles have taunted me from every grocery store aisle. Every single pickle brand I've … [Read more...]

Tookie’s Dirty Rice


I ¬†had a craving today for my Gram's Dirty Rice - I don't know why I don't make it more! It's simple, quick, cheap, easy...and it tastes a little like all the love my Gram would pour into it while she cooked. it is! … [Read more...]

Magellan’s – You’re Doing it Wrong


Magellan's - Your Trusted Source of Travel Supplies¬†is the logo. It's emblazoned across every Google result. It's stamped reassuringly across the repeated catalogs I receive from them, after ordering travel masks a couple of years ago. I have asthma. Specifically, cigarette-smoke-induced asthma, although exposure to dust and mold can sometimes trigger it. Cigarettes are the trigger I worry about, though - I live in a clean home, the places I travel aren't dusty or moldy, but cigarettes are pervasive. After several terrible travel experiences, including a 2 hour episode in an ambulance at … [Read more...]

He’s a spoiled brat – and I’m proud of it!


Yes, I'm talking about my almost 9 year old son here - the one who walked into a hospital room to visit a sick family member, only to have another person in the room comment on his shoes. "Look at those fancy shoes! You must be a spoiled brat for your Mom to buy those for you," Anonymous Rude Person said with a pointed glance at me. Since ARP is the type to toss out remarks like that quite frequently, and seems to enjoy any heated response, I just smiled and answered, "He has the next size up waiting for him at home, too! Since I scored Lego tennis shoes for under $5 a pair, I figured … [Read more...]

15 Years, and Counting…


Fifteen years. That's how long it's been since I was standing at the back of a hot, crowded church in a long white gown, taking as deep a breath as I could get into my lungs, listening to Kenny G playing as my maid of honor and my bridesmaid took carefully measured steps down the aisle. I stood there, barely aware of my hand on my dad's arm, surveying the masses of people - the church we were married in would only let us use the facility if we issued an open invitation to the entire congregation. So I faced a crowd of over 500, instead of the more intimate group of 200 or so that I … [Read more...]